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2Capthca is a reliable capthca entry site where we can earn money by solving captchas i.e. by converting image form to text form. Among lot of captcha entry scams, 2captcha stands out as a genuine site by paying their members on time. 2Capthca is the best captcha entry site for beginners as it has terms that do not hardly punish their members if they make minor mistakes and they give more time for solving a captcha which is a good news for slow typers.


About 2Captcha:

2Captcha was started on April 2014 and from their registration terms it is clear that they have pre-planned to run this website long terms for the benefits of their clients and members. 2Captcha is a human powered image recognition and captcha solving service that helps the webmaster to secure their website to prevent unwanted crawlers and bots to access their data. On other side 2Captcha also provide online earning facility, for people who are looking for online jobs.

2Captcha reviews:

Procedures to work and earn money on 2Captcha:

After account verification you can immediately log into your 2Catpcha account  and start the work. To commence the ‘start work’ button given on the menubar should be clicked. The working area will look very similar to the image given below.


Working on 2Captcha


The basic work you have to do is, enter the alphabets and numbers given on the image in the text box under it. Once entered, you have to hit enter button or click send button to complete an entry. Your account will be instantly credited based on the bidding on the time of work.
Now a new image with different letters will appear on the image. You have to solve these captchas one by one at high speed to earn more money. With basic working procedure said let us see more features on the working board. Feel free to click “It’s not English” button if the image contain characters other than numbers and English alphabets.
If you see an image with unclear data, the “It’s not a captcha” button has to be clicked. You should not use this button often, If 2Captcha find that you’re clicking it unnecessarily or to cheat the system, double penalty will be given where 2 x rate of the captcha will be debited from your account.
If you don’t know how to solve the captcha for some reason just click skip button to skip the image. If you wish to stop the work you can click stop anytime and start the work again. Sometimes an image may appear with term like “Case sensitive” or “only numbers”. In such case you must type the captcha according to their terms to prevent adding warning in your account. This is the working procedure of 2Captcha.

How much can you earn by working on 2Captcha:

Though 2Captcha pays the same for every working member, the earnings will differ for each member based on various factors such as speed of typing, working time, internet connection speed, total number of people working simultaneously. The pay per captcha highly depends on the bidding which will vary by hour everyday. Look at the graph given below that indicates the rate of 1000 captchas by hour which can vary between $0.30 to $1.20.


2Captcha bidding


Try to work on the period when the bidding reaches the peak to earn more by solving less captchas. For example if you work on the period when the bidding is $0.60, with 500 captcha solved you can earn only $0.30 and when the bid is $1.20 per 1k captchas you can earn $0.60 by solving same 500 captchas. Coming to other factors try to use high speed internet connection to load images quickly. The most important factor is the typing speed where fast typers will earn more than slow typers because they can solve more captchas than slow typers. People with bad typing skill will struggle little bit initially. After a week automatically they will pick up the pace.

Referral program:

2Captcha is the only captcha entry site that offers a reliable referral program. They pay 10% commission for referring members and clients to their site. So, if you refer 100 members who earns $1 per day you will receive $0.10 referral commission from each member with total $10 / day. This is just an example calculated considering every referral as a active member.

Terms of 2Captcha:

Members are not allowed to refer themselves to earn commission from their own earnings. So, limit 1 account per IP is applicable in this case. If you’re referring your friends, make sure to use a computer with different IP address.
Members who are solving captchas with less accuracy will be suspended temporarily. Making 5 or more mistakes per 100 capthcas is considered as low accuracy. Your account will be blocked for inaccuracy and it will be automatically removed after certain period. Too many suspension will put your account on hold where a moderator will review your account within 1 – 2 days before removing suspension. If they find you typing garbage, your account will be banned.
An image will have series of alphabets and numbers. As a eligibility, you must be able to type 1 character within 10 seconds which is possible even for a kinder garden child. Don’t take this granted to type slowly. Your earnings will be directly affected by the typing speed.

High paying smart captchas:

Smart captchas otherwise called as recaptcha – 2 is the next generation captchas which plays important role in preventing bad bots. 2Captcha pay $1 per 1k fixed for solving smart captchas. So, bidding does not applies to this and you can solve smart captchas anytime for $0.001 per captcha. Solving smart captcha is different from solving regular captchas. In normal captcha we must type the text given on the image and incase of smart captcha a series of 9 images with a condition will be given as shown below.


Smart captcha on 2captcha


To solve the smart captcha, three or more images have to be selected from the nine images according to the condition given. In the image given above the condition is “Select all the food” and the related images has been selected. Solving smart captcha is very easy compared to the regular captchas.

Payment method:

2Captcha payment


2Captcha pays through three different payment processors and bitcoin wallet. The minimum payout is $0.50. Payouts are processed within 3 days from the date of request. 2captcha is very trusted and paying on time from 2014.

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Things to remember:

  • Never refer yourself to earn 10% referral commission. Your account will be disabled for not following terms in case if they find more than one account running under a referral link from same IP.
  • Try to solve captchas with good accuracy to prevent suspension. 95% accuracy is required to work on 2captcha.
  • Do not type random alphabets and numbers. Temporary suspension will be changed to permanent ban if moderators finds the captchas solved wrong intentionally.
  • Try to work on high bid hours to earn more. In these time period you can earn double the money by solving less captchas.
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Registration procedure:

Registration process is very simple in 2captcha. To register click the link given below. The registration page will look like the image given below. Enter your correct email address, fill the desired password and click register.


2Captcha registration


You have to verify your account by clicking the verification link on email in order to complete registration.


Account verified on 2captcha

After verification you can log into your account to start working.

Click here to register  – 2Captcha.

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