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Recently a new captcha entry work site has been launched called captcha club. Captchaclub boasts that they pay up to 12 cents for solving a captcha to their members with premium membership. Unlike well known captcha entry sites like megatypers, 2captcha and protypers, captchaclub’s terms and policies are different that necessarily created to attract freelancers. Continue to read the full review about which still remains a mystery to most of the users.
Captcha club


There were no proper information given about Captcha club on the about section of their site which is very important to show that a site is legitimate. A general information has been given by them that students, housewives can do online data entry job on their site and earn more money. The about section of the site should contain information about the company, owner, main officers etc. and the site’s primary features. But these information were not found on the about page make it to confirm that it might be a scam.

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The owner of captcha club is Michelle Jowett from Texas. And no information about this company were been found.

How captcha club works:

Captcha club is a captcha entry site where a member can earn money by solving captchas on their site. Image to text conversion is called as captcha entry, where the text given on the image should be typed on the given text box without making any errors.
Captcha club membership
Unlike the normal captcha entry jobs which pays only up to $1.50 per 1K captchas, captcha club says that they pay from $30 to $120 per 1k captcha which alarms us that it is a plan to attract members in thousands everyday. Its a fact that anything that claims to pay high with minimal effort will be a scam in most cases. Brilliant would have already stepped out by seeing such scheme and greedy would have been caught in this trap in no time. 
Also there are three types of memberships on captcha club called standard, premium and premium pro where they can earn 3 cents, 6 cents and 12 cents respectively based on their membership. By calculating it is found that an individual with less typing skills can earn from $30 to $120 every 2 hours based on the membership. But there is a limitation put by captcha club, where a standard members can solve only 100 captchas per day limits their earnings to $3 and shows their urge to make their purchase premium membership. Even $3 for 15 minutes is the highest compared to any other online job makes it to look like a scam.

Things to notice on captcha club:

Their FAQ page does not contain any information about their site or working procedure, there are some words written which is irrelevant to the site and makes no sense confirms that it is a scam site. A good legitimate site should have a informative FAQ section that should guide them and clear their doubts. With 0% guidance it shows captcha club is a crap.
Captcha club FAQ
Few members worked on captcha club compliant that their captcha portal is not responding almost all the time when they try to work. A legitimate site will have a team monitoring their site 24/7.
No information about the owner of the company and plans on the about section. The about section is the face of the company and captcha club has no face.
There were no clear data given about the premium plans and rates. Hiding crucial information must be avoided. 
An useless video embedded on the homepage showing fake payment proofs makes it even worse. A small clip about payment is okay and video full of payment proofs without plan & working procedure is primarily created to attract members.

Captcha club payment:

Captcha club pays via Paypal, Payza and Payoneer. And it has be noted that Paypal will block the account of fake business account to protect their customers even if they bring million dollar profit to Paypal. Its no guarantee that they have business account with Paypal. 
The minimum payout is $100 on captcha club. With high earnings guaranteed,  $100 minimum payout is acceptable if they really pay.
They have a weird term that a member should deposit/pay $40 one time fees to process their payments shows it is an absolute scam. No payment processor charge fees initially to process the payments. Then why Captcha club should do? Their intention is to cheat people by collecting the unwanted fees and sending no payment. Also remember that they will not reply to any message in future after payment.

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Final words:

All the signs shows that captcha club should be a great scam site. Everyday people are scammed and to protect ourselves we should not be greedy by getting mesmerized by promising words. Remember never believe a site or videos posted on the internet that says you will be a millionaire in few days. When you click next you will be asked to pay some registration fees and get some crap books or article or video that trains nothing. Why should one reveal their $10,000 in a month secret for just $1? its just  to cheat and earn $10,000 by selling 10000 copies of crap.

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