Best top captcha entry jobs sites 2017 & captcha typing work without investment

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Captcha entry job is the online money making program that is available to all internet users where they can earn money by solving captchas which otherwise can be called as image to text data entry. With tons of members on captcha entry sites, they pay unreliable amount of money for doing captcha work because if not you, hundreds are there to replace you. Now if you decide to work on captcha entry site it is important to choose the best captcha typing work in order to get more captchas to solve and get paid on time.


List of best captcha entry sites

Few terms to work on captcha entry jobs:

Anyone with a PC and internet connection are eligible to join online captcha solving jobs. To do capthca entry work you should have basic English knowledge and ability to identify unclear alphabets & numbers.

You must be able to solve at least 4 captchas per minute which is very easy that a kid can do it. By solving 4 captchas per minute you cannot earn more money. You must try to solve a captcha within 5 seconds and 9 seconds incase of tough one to earn more.

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Since this is image to text data entry, an image will load every time asking you to convert it into text. So, your device should be connected using high speed internet connection to prevent image loading slowly. There are chances for image to load after timer completes. According to the rules of online captcha typing job it is important to solve a captcha within 15 seconds. Captcha sites recommend a minimum of 512 kbps internet connection to work on constant speed without any trouble.
You must have an account on payment processors to receive earnings which is not necessary if you choose Bitcoin or western union money transfer.
Captcha solving sites with affiliate program has strict terms that the members should not refer themselves in order to earn extra incentives. The members who are trying to cheat their system will be caught on the day when they request payment. Support team will carefully check their account to prevent misuse of their referral program.

Top 10 best captcha entry jobs without investment:

The captcha jobs listed here are best captcha entry sites in the world and they are selected based on their reliability, payment policies, earning capacity etc.

1. 2Captcha:



2Captcha is on board since 2014 and they are paying their members on time. 2Captcha pays from $0.30 to $1.20 for solving 1000 captchas. The rate for solving a captcha will vary after each captcha solved based on the bidding. For example, if you solve a captcha for $0.001 the rate of next captcha might vary from $0.0003 to $0.0012 which highly depends on the time of working.
You must able to type a letter within 10 seconds or a 6 letters word within a minute to work on 2captcha which is really simple. 2Captcha is the site where we get lot of time to solve captcha and the typing speed directly affects the earnings.

Important points:

  • 2Captcha pay via Payza, Perfect money, Webmoney and Bitcoin wallet. Recently, Payment via Paypal has been ceased.
  • The minimum payout is only $0.50.
  • 2Captcha pays 10% instant referral commission to their members which applies for referring both clients and freelancers.
  • Their terms and policies are not so strict where you will not be banned unless you try to cheat their system.

Working procedureClick here.

Registration linkClick here.

2. Megatypers:



Megatypers is one of the oldest and most reliable captcha entry site running since 2012. Compared to any other genuine captcha entry sites megatypers is the only site that pays up to $1.50 for solving 1000 captchas. On megatypers the captcha rates will be fixed for every hour and their rates can be predicted. Usually, they pay high on 14 – 18 server time. Members should plan accordingly to work on high paying time to earn more money be solving less captchas. But on peak hours the captcha loading speed will be very slow on megatypers that will make us frustrated waiting even for a minute for an image to load.
Unlike 2Captcha, to work on megatypers you must be able to solve a captcha within 15 seconds. Beginners might suffer a little to follow the timing.

Important points:

  • Megatypers pays via Paypal, Payza, Perfect money, Web money, Western union and Bitcoin wallet.
  • The minimum cashout is $3 and payments will be processed automatically every money 5 pm server time.
  • Megatypers 10% referral commission and their affiliate program is not so good as 2Captcha. Because, to receive affiliate commission the member must refer atleast 5 people and all the referrals should receive their first payment.
  • The terms of megatypers are very strict. Not following their terms will result in suspension.

Working procedureClick here.

Invitation code – BUTR.

Registration linkClick here.

3. Protypers:



Protypers and Megatypers are the same companies. While Megatypers is the main site, you can work on both megatypers and protypers using same user ID and password. Protypers pay from $0.45 to $1.50 for solving 1000 captchas. Rates hardly reach $1 even during peak hours. Members should be able to solve a captcha within 15 seconds as per their terms. If you fail to solve a captcha within the given time frame you will be kicked out of the working area and multiple kickouts will result in permanent ban.

Important points:

  • Protypers pay via Paypal, Payza, Perfect money, Web money, Western union and Bitcoin wallet.
  • The minimum cashout is $3 and payments will be processed automatically every money 5 pm server time.
  • Protypers pays 10% referral commission similar to megatypers.
  • The member of megatypers can use the same account details to log into Protypers and vice versa. Apart from sharing login details your earnings, affiliates etc will appear same on both the websites. Payment processed by same team.
Working procedure Click here.


Registration link – Click here.

Things to remember about captcha entry work:

  • To earn more money by doing captcha work you need good typing skills. Your typing skills will improve automatically after working one week.
  • Do not join any captcha solving sites that promises to pay more money or that has upgrade features. There are high chances to scam.
  • Never try to cheat companies. Try to follow their simple terms and conditions to be a valuable member.
  • High speed internet connection will help images to load fast. This is important to earn more money and to prevent account suspension due to kickouts.
  • Do not refer yourself if the site offers referral / affiliate program. Even though you don’t find yourself getting banned while working, they will find TOS violation when you request payment. So, its full waste of time and money atlast.
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Final words about captcha typing jobs:

Only few reliable sites are listed here that pays high compared to any other captcha entry sites. Don’t waste your time searching other sites which might be a scam or does not have good captcha rates. On the whole captcha entry job is a genuine, legitimate one but it is some what unreliable based on its work pay ratio. If you expect good pay for your effort, captcha entry job might not be a best option.

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