Captcha2cash Review and working procedure

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Captcha2cash is one of the oldest captcha solving sites still uses software based captcha interface. Unlike megatypers and 2captcha which has onsite browser captcha solving interface, to work on captcha2cash the user must download a software to his PC, run it and connect to work. Captcha2cash is the only site that pays fixed rate per 1K correct captchas.


Registration procedure:

Before starting work, you should create an account on captcha2cash. The registration form will look similar to the picture given below.

Captcha2cash registration form

Create a unique username and password, which should be used to connect the software. Then enter your email address and click register me. Now you have successfully created an account on captcha2cash.

Captcha2cash offlicial software page

Once registered log into your account to download The link will be given on the homepage of the account.

Procedures to work on captcha2cash:

  • The first step is to setup your account on captcha2cash software. Unzip the file using winrar or winzip. Inside the folder there will be two files given which includes c2c and settings. Open the settings file using notepad.

Captcha2cash setting up  account
  • Enter the username and password on the given fields and save the file. Now your account setup is complete if you’ve entered the details correctly. Right click and open the c2c file. Now the opened software will look similar to the image given below.

Captcha2cash software
  • Click the start button to connect c2c to the server. Offline status will be replaced by online status.

Captcha2cash software connected

  • Sometimes it might show an error if there is any issue in server connectivity or this could happen if the login details you’ve entered is wrong.

Captcha2cash wrong login details

  • Once connected the images will start to appear on the screen. All you have to do is enter the letters in the text box as shown below.

Captcha2cash working procedure

  • The balance will be instantly updated on the software and automatically updated on main account once every 90 seconds. You must continuously solve the captchas to earn more money.
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How much does captcha2cash pays for solving captchas:

Unlike megatypers and 2captcha, Captcha2cash is the only site that pays fixed amount of money for solving captcha. Usually captcha sites pays their members based bidding which can vary between $0.20 – $1.50. But captcha2cash pays $1 fixed for solving 1K captchas.

Few rules to follow to prevent getting banned:

Do not leave the software idle after clicking start button. Each unsolved captcha will be considered as invalid captcha. Moderators will disable such account. So, after working make sure to click stop button to go offline.
Do not make mistakes frequently to prevent your account getting banned by the moderators. Also do not type random letters on the text box like “acbsdyvibvhbvud” which is not related to the image given. Typing garbage is considered as serious Terms of use violation.
Follow the rules of captcha2cash on solving captcha such as typing captchas correctly, if CASE SENSITIVE is mentioned. Not leaving space if there are spaces inbetween each character and more rules that are given on the table given below.

Captcha2cash rules

Payment methods:

Captcha2cash says that they pay via either Payza or Perfect money. Members can request for cashout when their balance it minimum $1. Payouts are processed instantly after manual review.

Captcha2cash payment

Pros and cons of captcha2cash:


  • Captcha2cash is the only site that pays $1 per 1K captchas. So, members on location that is too long from GMT can work anytime because most of the high paying captcha sites have high bidding US daylight time.
  • Minimum payout limit $1 can be reached on the same day.
  • Double pay for captchas with two words.
  • Unlike most of the top captcha site there is no time limit to solve captchas.


  • Low accuracy in captcha count. Captchas do not load some time.
  • Currently they do not pay via Payza.
  • High chances of scamming because their site don’t have clear structure and terms.

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