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Clixense review – Scam or legit? Clixsense is the best get paid to / paid to click site in the world. Clixsense was started on 2007 and running successfully till date. They are known very well for paying their members on time as per their terms. Its less likely for clixsense to scam people in future. So, you can work on clixsense without any fear to earn money without investment. There are several earning opportunities available on clixsense and each of them are explained below.

Clixsense review

How does clixsense works:

Clixsense is the site that acts as a mediator that connects advertisers with the members/earners/customers. Advertisers pay clixsense to advertise their products/services on their site and in turn their products/services will be seen by the limited number of customers/members based on their requirement. Members will get paid to visit the advertiser’s website/product page and few among them might interact with ads resulting in lead or sale that brings profit to the advertisers.
For example : Advertiser pay $12 to clixsense for 1000 visits to their webpage. Clixsense will display the advertiser’s ad on the view ads page until that webpage gets 1000 visits. Advertiser might get profit when one or more among thousand visitors make a purchase or join their site. The profit will vary based on the product and service they advertise. Coming back to clixsense they will take $2 as fee and pay $10 to the thousand visitors $0.001 each for visiting the advertiser’s page.

Apart from this clixsense has several earning opportunities such as surveys, offers, tasks, research etc.

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How to earn money on clixsense:

There are six ways to earn money on clixsense which are explained one by one below.

1. Paid to click:

The primary task available on clixsense is paid to click tasks, where they pay for viewing webpage of the advertisers. Once you login to clixsense account, to earn by watching ads you must click ‘View ads’ on the menu. The ads will be displayed as shown below.

Clixsense ads


There are five types of ads available on clixsense and they are sticky ads, micro ads, mini ads, standard ads and extended ads. Each ad has different rate and they are directly influenced by the time. For watching 5 seconds ad they pay $0.001 and for watching 60 seconds ad they pay $0.02. Read the table given below to find how much you can earn by watching ads.

Ad type Time Standard members Premium members No of ads
Sticky ads 5 seconds $0.001 $0.001 Fixed
Micro ads 3 seconds $0.001 $0.001 Varies
Mini ads 15 seconds $0.005 $0.005 Varies
Standard ads 30 seconds $0.01 $0.01 Fixed
Extended ads 60 seconds $0.02 $0.02 Varies

Viewing ad is really simple. You have to click on an adbox to start. The ad will load in a new page as shown below. You have to solve the captcha by clicking the cat image among the five images to prove that you’re a human and not a bot.

Clixsense ad view


Now you have to continuously view the advertiser’s page till the timer bar loads completely.

Clixsense ad timer


Once timer competes, you should close the page after your click has been validated and continue to watch more ads to earn more money. There are only limited number of ads allotted by clixsense per member to give opportunity to all the members. Also the number of ads available is directly affected by the country of residence. Members from tier-1 countries will get more ads compared to the member from tier-3 country.

2. Paid surveys:

Paid survey is the main source of clixsense income for several members. Unlike paid to click tasks which is limited with less rewards. There are several paid surveys available on clixsense that can pay up to $5 instantly. Apart from direct survey invitations you can make use of survey routers present on the survey page to earn more by completing unlimited surveys.

Click surveys on the account menu to load the surveys available. Try to complete the profile questionnaire to get more relevant surveys. The survey invitations will look similar to the image given below.

Paid surveys list


The rate of the survey will be given in the box which will be instantly credited to your account upon completion. Click on the invitation ‘start button’ to begin the survey. You will be redirected to the new page where you have to take the survey. Initially, to screen members who aren’t relevant for the study qualification questions will be given. With irrelevant members screened, you might be redirected again to the main survey where you can start answering questions.


Clixsense survey sample


Once you complete the survey you will receive a success message at the end which indicates that your account has been credited.

Clixsense survey completed


Incase if you find no surveys invitations available on your account, you can make use of survey routers anytime to find surveys. There are four survey routers available on clixsense which includes Cint, Your surveys, Opinion world and Toluna/opinionsurveys. These survey routers pays fixed amount for all the surveys.


Clixsense survey routers


Answering the questions genuinely will make sure that you will receive more survey invitations and premium surveys to participate.

3.Micro tasks:

Micro tasks are the third earning option on clixsense. Huge tasks are broken as small tasks and for completing them members will be paid from $0.01 to $1 or even more depending on the nature of the tasks and time taken to complete it. Usually the tasks will be like finding the name of the author in article, identifying nature of the tweets, finding irrelevant images according to the rules etc. The low cost tasks can be completed within a minute to few seconds and high rate tasks can take more time.

On your account, click tasks in menu to open tasks section. The tasks section will look similar to the picture given below. The micro tasks is powered by crowdflower.

Clixsense tasks


Initially not all the new members are allowed to access the main tasks. They have to complete some basic tasks with good accuracy to qualify for doing level tasks. The available tasks will be listed when you click the tasks button. These are the basic tasks you have to do to qualify for doing level tasks. Basic tasks will be very simple but you have to be very careful while doing the tasks miscalculating can make your answers go wrong. If you feel that tasks are hard don’t close the page as it is. Just click give up and close the page.

The following is an example of the basic task. In this task the member has to find if the linked webpage is article or not. Finding an article is really simple but there will be some rules given that you should follow. You must click the link given to open the webpage, if you find article then you must click ‘Yes’ else ‘No’.

Clixsense task


You must answer atleast 200 questions with 70% accuracy to go to level 1. 80% accuracy for level 2 and 85% to access level three tasks. The higher the level you’re the more high paying tasks you will receive. There are several members available on clixsense who totally depend on tasks for their daily income.
Clixsense rewards their hard working members in two ways. One is they pay $5 every time if you earn $50 through tasks and the other one is the weekly contest where they pay $200 to their top 10 members who complete more tasks. Make use of such contest to earn more money on clixsense.

4. Offers:

Clixsense offers are the simplest apart from paid to click tasks. Clixsense pays for completing simple offers such as watching videos, downloading apps, hearing radio, playing games, signing up in premium services, research study etc. To start the offer you must click ‘offers’ on the tab. There will be several offer wall and click one offer wall to start. You must accept their terms inorder to enter access the offers.

Clixsense offers terms


Once you agree their terms, the offers will be listed as shown below. Click the offer you’re interested in follow the instructions and complete to get rewarded.


Clixsense offers


Clixsense (offers) rewards are calculate as clixcent. One clixcent is equal to $0.01 / 1 US dollar cent. The clixcent will be displayed in front of each offer that will be converted into US dollar upon completion. Unlike tasks and surveys the credit might not be instant in some cases. So, you don’t have to worry about your money which will be credited to your clixsense account later.

5. Clixgrid:

Clixgrid is a simple game integrated on clixsense to boost the earnings of their members. To play clixgird you have to click ‘clixgrid’ on the menubar. The clixgrid will appear similar to the picture given below.



The clixgrid is an image with numerous small boxes with link to individual ads. You have to click a box to play this game. Like paid to click task, the ad will load in a new page. You have to follow the same procedure to watch the ad. At the end you will receive the result instantly about your victory. Prize will be instantly credited to the clixsense account.


Clixgrid result


This game is free to play where the standard members can click up to 30 grids per day and premium members can click up to 60 grids per day. You might win up to $10 cash rewards by playing this game.

6. Affiliate program:

Clixsense has very generous referral program, where a member can earn lot of money by making use of this program. Clixsense pays 10% referral commission for paid to click ads and 5% commission for tasks and offers to the standard members.
Premium members will receive double the amount compared to standard members i.e. 20% from ads, 10% from offers and sales.
Apart from action and sale commission, clixsense pays signup promo commissions and upgrade commission. If your referred member is active for three days after signup you will receive up to $0.30 signup promo commission and if one of your referrals upgrade their account you will receive up to $2 upgrade commission. Try to refer your friends to boost your clixsense earnings.

These are the six ways to earn money on clixsense and other than this clixresearch is a special program available for all the clixsense members you can make use of it to boost your earnings.

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Clix addon:

Clixaddon is a special tool exclusively developed for clixsense members to check their earnings instantly and to get notified when new earning opportunities are available. Installing clix addon is really simple that it can be done in few seconds. Clix addon is compatible with Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.




Make sure to install clixgrid on your browser, so that you will never miss new surveys and tasks. Extended ads and mini ads are not default ads and they will appear on your account right after advertiser’s purchase. So, you will get notified regarding this ad only if you install clix addon. Apart from notification, you will receive daily bonus for installing the clixaddon on your browser which is explained below.

Clixsense daily bonus:

Clixsense is the one among many that pays bonus for active members. By working on clixsense the standard member can earn up to 7% bonus and the premium members can earn up to 16% daily bonus provided all the check list are complete.

Clixsense daily bonus


To get clixsense bonus, the member must complete all possible tasks (checklist tasks) on the checklist. To complete checklist and earn bonus, the member must click atleast 6 ads, complete 2 offers or complete 10 tasks, play 20 clixgrid game and visit the forum atleast one that day. Apart from this they pay extra 4% bonus just for installing clix addon and completing tasks for three consecutive days.
If you earn $5 and completed all the checklist tasks, you will receive $0.35 to $0.8 bonus by the next day. Completing checklist tasks daily will really boost your monthly income on clixsense.

Payment methods:

As said before clixsense is very well known for paying on time. Clixsense process payment through anyone of these payment processors that includes PayPal, Paytoo, Neteller. For US and Canada members check has been included as payment method.

Clixsense payment method


The minimum payout is $6 for premium members and $8 for standard members. Payment will be processed within 2 to 5 days from the date of request. Enter the correct payment ID to prevent payment problems.

Clixsense mobile:

Is it possible to work on clixsense using mobile phone? Yes! you can work on mobile phone for completing offers and surveys. But paid to click task can be done on mobile phone only if  your browser supports adobe flash and the good news is all the latest smartphones supports adobe flash. Clixsense mobile site is yet in development process and in future you can expect clixsense mobile site and mobile app.

Things to remember:

  • Do not create two or more account from same computer with unique IP address. Clixsense will suspend your account immediately as this is against their TOS.
  • Initially you might not earn money. But, continue to explore clixsense as it might take few days to start earning reliable money.
  • Install clix addon to get notified about new earning opportunities and to check your balance instantly.
  • Complete daily checklist tasks to receive bonus that has impact on overall monthly earnings.

Registration procedure:

Clixsense registration


Enter all the data required in the clixsense registration form. Username is a unique ID that should be used to log into your account every time instead of email ID. Create a username that your can remember.
Click here to joinClixsense.

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