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Do you know that you can get paid for answering questions?  Being an expert in any topic, just share the knowledge and skills and earn more money.

Getting paid for answering questions. WOW! Does it sound great? Yes, if you feel that you are strong enough to answer any query, this is the right place for anyone to earn money. If a person is an expert in any field, check to know how to make money by just the answering questions and get paid.

There are so many sites which have answer/solution/clarification for any questions. These questions may include any queries, problems, inquiry and everyday questions.

It may be into any field. From babysitting to the final stage. Anybody can look answer for health, business, electronics, vehicles, computers, legal issues, love, relationship, studies, subjects, beauty and whatever.

So, here comes the subject. Let’s just reciprocate this, would it be great if it is beneficial for both ends. Can get answers to the questions and get paid to answer the queries from questioners. Sharing the knowledge and get paid for it. Oh!! That really sounds great, just getting money for helping others. How satisfying that would be. There are many sites looking for skilled persons who can answer both general and specific topics.

The payment you receive has been collected from the users (i.e) questioners. There is monthly payment membership for which the users pay money and it’s been shared with the experts who give the answer to their questions.

Let us check the top places who pay for answering questions:

Here are the top 7 sites which are top and legitimate paid sites

1. Just answer

This site is based out of San Francisco. It was just an interesting idea of a Father to be. When the founder of this site was expecting a baby, he could not get answers to his questions related to his wife’s pregnancy until he meets his doctor every month for an appointment. So, it was an excellent click for him to create a site for people who have unanswered questions and people who could not find anybody to answer their questions.

The user should deposit some amount during sign up and don’t worry they are very genuine on payment matter. This amount is used to pay the person who answers the question only if the questioner is satisfied with the expert’s answer. If the questioner is not happy with the answer, they can ask for a different answer. And for the answer which is not satisfied, the expert will not get any payment.

This site pays us by sharing up to 50% of payment received from questioners. It is highly recommendable for college students looking for online jobs, part-time job seekers.

They majorly include the question in the topics such as Cars, Boats, Electronics, Computers, Home development, interiors, Medical, legal queries, finance and more.

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2. Beer money forum:

This forum is set for people to discuss how to make money online. Here, they share the pros and cons of money making programs, introduce new money making ideas. Also, they post their experience and concerns about other sites.

This is an excellent site for every online worker, and they get paid just for posting in the forum.

It is open for anybody to post on the forum. All you need is just to register with the site and once your account is confirmed, you are allowed to post on any topics.

Payment details:

  • In the paid topic category, post any new topic and earn 50BMF coins for each topic. 3 topics are allowed to post for each hour.
  • Commenting on any topics in the paid topic category will get 20BMF coins.  Only 3 comments are allowed per hour
  • You get 5BMFcoins if a person likes your comment. It is paid from his account.
  • You can provide your own tutorial in the forum and charge for it.
  • You will be rewarded for reporting someone who sends an unwanted message.
  • Earn by participating in contests.
  • You get 500BMF for each referral if a person registers through your referral link.
  • Earn BMF coins for daily login.
  • 30BMF coins for a new thread.
  • For any reply earn 25BMF coins.

The site pays the user through BMF currency. 1000 BMF coins = $1. The payment is sent through PayPal account.

Click here to visit Beermoneyforum

2. Directly

This site operates on questions about worldwide branded companies:

Its all about just answering the queries or discussion on any brands.

They hire people who are an expert in answering questions about famous brands. It will give a feel like working as a customer care support executive for the brands. Knowing well about the brands and answering questions is not a big deal for anyone with our current internet availability, so just make use of it and get paid for just answering the questions.

To become an expert in this site, a person has to apply and wait for at least 2 to 5 working days for approval, as there are so many people waiting for their application to get approved. Once you start answering the questions, this is an excellent site to earn more. This site pays 50% share for the answers you give. Always be sure to give the best answers.

Click here to visit Directly

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3. Quora

Quora is one of the famous question and answer site which is used to discuss opinions or answer the questions.

It is based out of California. To register, they expect to use the real name and upload picture which can be kept private. (i.e) They keep everything open, but it can be disabled.

Different methods for question recommendation to users:

  • Related question: Here, there will be a set of question displayed on side of the screen which is related to the current scenario an expert trying to answer. This will help to switch to the next one easily.
  • Ask to answer: In this feature, the expert can request another expert to answer a question which you think he/she can answer the question better.
  • Daily digest: They send a set of questions with multiple answers for each question. The expert just has to select the best answer which suits best to the question.
  • Question recommendations: They provide interesting questions which are related to the users/experts profile. Each person will have the timeline based on their preferences. Here, experts can answer the question or he/she can refer to another expert who can give a better answer to the questions.

The expert is allowed to upvote/downvote, report the answer, suggest edits. This is really a great privacy to answer with no tension.

Also, there is a recognition for the top writer to encourage them to continue in the same way. 150 members every year are rewarded through this program.

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4. Small biz advice:

If an expert is brilliant enough to answer business related queries/questions and can help the small business owners, this is the right place to earn money using their business knowledge. Just help the small business owners by answering their questions and get paid for it.

Small to mid-size business people raise their questions here. Any questions on business admin, issues, anything related to the business are asked here and the experts give their opinions and solution.

The questions will be very simple to answer and it is totally based about where to find the information and how to do such things. If a person has basic knowledge about small business, can perfectly answer all the questions asked here and it is completely the expert choice to chose which question to answer.

To be a part of this site, the expert should first apply based on the instruction provided on the site. It is allowed to fix one’s own rate here.

Click here to visit Smallbiz Advice

5. Prestoexperts:

PestroExperts is truly a bliss for the questioners. The expert will be available all the time 24/7, does it sounds good? Which means that there is work available all the time, Get ready to sell the skills and knowledge to get paid.

PestroExperts is where the experts work using their specific skills. They work via online chat, phone calls, and email. So there are multiple options to share the opinion.

PetroExperts is one of the most popular sites which is known for their all-time availability. When the questioner is really in need, this place will help like a heaven as there will be an expert available here all the time for sure.

Experts work here to answer the queries related to business, Healthcare, Designing, Trainer, Counselling. Questioners seek for the technical suggestion on all these topics.

We have to set our own profile and fix the price for the work. The good news is that the minimum earning in this site is at least $50. So, the user/expert can earn more than $50 per query which is really a good number. They pay us through Paypal, Payoneer, Bank transfer.

Click here to visit the site PestroExperts

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This site is purely based out if psychic questions. They also deal with the tarot, horoscope, love, relationship. If you are expert in dealing with psychic related queries, please go ahead to proceed to register.

Keen provides you all set to be very comfortable in answering the queries. They are available through mobile sites, all major search engines. They also provide a toll-free number to which the questioners can contact the expert through which the call will be redirected to the provided private number(don’t worry, the phone number will not be revealed to anyone).

This site is totally different from others where there will be mostly general questions related to Business, Laws, Health, Technology etc. Here, the questions will be about Horoscope, Physics, Love, Spirits and Related questions.

Click here to visit

7. Yahoo answers: 

Yahoo answers is a very popular question-answer site which is around for a long time. This is a great place to chose, to share the knowledge and give answers. As they are very genuine in payments and there are only real people here who asks questions and gives answers.

The question is kept open for 4 days for an expert to give a genuine answer. The questioner is allowed to chose the best answer, so be sure to give your best answer.

While starting, you will be given 100 free points as a reward and based on your answers you will get more points. If your answer is chosen as the best, you will be rewarded with 10 points each.

This is one of the best knowledge exchange community. Any user will have to start just with the level 1 and based on the participation and effective answers you can reach up to level 7.

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And there are many more sites in which the thoughts can be shared where they pay for it.  Here are a few sites for reference.



Just share and sell the knowledge, make use of it by getting paid and let others also get used to it.

Answer questions and get paid. Being an expert share your skills and knowledge and earn more money

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