How to earn money on YouTube without investment

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YouTube channel is an awesome tutor for most of us here. We have learned and learning many things only using YouTube tutorials. Other than tutorials, YouTube contains several video content for its users in different categories. YouTube helps the content creators to earn money using their partner program by monetizing their videos. Anyone including you can earn money by uploading videos on the YouTube. Learn how to earn money on YouTube without investment in a simple way.

Now I am here to tell you all about how to earn money on YouTube without investment. Youtube is always a trending matter for everything we need. Whatever we search for, it will give you hundreds of result and you don’t need to research more about it. You have that much information on YouTube.

And you can also be a part of this youtube world by creating a channel and using your pieces of information.

How to earn money on YouTube without investment:

Follow these 5 simple steps to launch your successful youtube channel:

1.The niche of your channel: The first most point you should concentrate on is the topic/niche that you are going to work on. The niche is the base for your YouTube earnings. You can choose any topic which is trending. If you find out your interest, you can give your best.  It can be even a small and silly thing. All that you need is to pick the right niche in which you can give your best.

Make sure that your topic has demand on the market, it should be searched by more people to make your channel popular.

Eg: If you are thinking to make a video on how to choose a toilet paper, and it is not searched by anybody, then you will not have any viewers. Do study the trends of YouTube topics and most searched one, then finalize your niche.

Check Google Adwords key planner, google trends to know the search numbers on your niche ideas. This will give you an idea to finalize your perfect niche.

You can also check on the comment section of the topic related to your niche, this might help to work on any improvements and you will get more suggestions from there.

2. Create your own youtube channel: When you are ready with your niche, you can set up your youtube channel with the help of below steps.

How to set up your channel to earn money without investment:

a) Create a mail id and sign up for YouTube.

b) Select the account icon in the right top corner

c) Click on creator studio.

d) Click on the channel in the left menu

e) Click on the status and features

f) enable “Monetization*”

g) accept the terms and conditions of Youtube

h) Follow the below steps to create your own channel:

3. How to start a YouTube channel in a simple way without experience and to develop content : Create a video based on your subject. Make sure that the lighting, clothing, background, and atmosphere are perfect. Your voice should be louder in the video. Record the video in HD with the help of your movie maker settings.

The information you record should be true and it should not create any controversy among the viewers.  Choose the best video editing software. Try to own a microphone for recording your voice to make sure that your voice is clearly heard. This will help you to earn money in YouTube with no investment.

Do not over consider anything, just make it as simple as you can, but the message should be conveyed clearly.

Find out what kind of videos viewers want to see, concentrate more on that. Researching helps more to full fill this point.

The major reason for people approach YouTube is everything they need is given in videos and most of us would not like to read rather we always love to learn things through videos. It should be very simple and the matter should be conveyed clear and crisp. This will make them reach your channel all the time.

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4. Link with Adsense: If you are looking forward to earning from youtube, it is very important to link your video with Adsense. They will place some advertisements in your videos and you can earn more money by using this. The number of AdSense clicks will provide you with more income.

The latest update from Google is, channels which have 4000 video hours per year and 1000 subscribers are only eligible to get approved for YouTube Monetization. So be sure that you make a quality video to attract viewers.

5. Presentation:

If you are not ready to show up your face in the video, you can use animation tools like “Videoscribe“. You don’t have to know about animation and its techniques, this site will help you to make perfect animation videos, whiteboard videos with royalty free background music.

In case, if you don’t/can’t speak up in the video, you can use ppt method to explain. Create a ppt about your video and explain everything in a note, then upload it as a video. But make sure that if you want to choose this method, your video should be shorter, do not take more than 10 minutes per video, as most of us will not have the patience to read long. That’s the reason we choose to learn from YouTube videos.

6. Promote your channel: When you are ready to launch your channel, make others know that you have an excellent channel for viewers with informative contents.

The below points will help you to promote your channel reach viewers:

  • Use email marketing
  • Use your blog to promote your youtube channel
  • Be active and upload more videos
  • Concentrate more on your video title and keep it very short and informative to attract viewers
  • Use appropriate keywords
  • Launch contests to keep in touch with viewers
  • Use social media to promote your videos(eg: facebook, twitter etc,.)
  • Create a playlist based on your video topic
  • Get in touch with other YouTubers to promote your channel
  • Always respond to your video’s comments
  • Ask your viewers to like an subscribe your videos

7.  Grow your audience/viewers: 

  • Study your audience and know their requirements
  • Concentrate more on the topics and descriptions, that itself should explain more about your video.
  • Have a plan and create an agenda for your video schedule. Be sure to upload video per your schedule, this will create curiosity among your audience and they too will have time per your plan.
  • Again, concentrate more on the video comments. You have more scope for improvement there. Take immediate action on any suggestion in viewers comment.


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Follow these simple steps to earn more money in Youtube with no investment.

You are now ready to launch your channel. ALL THE VERY BEST for all your success.

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