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Megatypers is one of the best captcha entry site for years and they were paying their members on time without any problem. Megatypers was started on 2012 and its sister site protypers was started on later days. Their only competition is 2Captcha which is a genuine site similar to megatypers. Megatypers boasts that their members can earn over $200 every month by working few hours per day. Continue to read this article to learn more about megatypers.

Megatypers reviews:

What is megatypers:

Megatypers is a captcha entry website that pays their members for solving captchas. Converting image form to text form is called as captcha entry. Megatypers calculates the captcha rates based on bidding. They fix a rate for 1000 captchas which might change every hour from $0.45 to $1.50. During Pacific day light the captcha solving rate will be higher and when night falls on US the captcha rate will be lower which is explained on the later part of this article. The captcha rates will vary day by day in between the fixed rate of $0.45 to $1.50. So, for solving/entering 1000 captchas correctly they will pay up to $1.50 with $0.70 average.
How to work on Megatypers:
Once you log into your account, click ‘start working’ link in the menu to go to the working area. The working area will look similar to the image given below. 
Doing captcha entry work is very simple that anyone with basic English knowledge can do it. To solve the captcha you must enter the characters on the picture in the given text box as shown above. Once entered, you should click submit button or hit enter button to submit the data. Automatically the next image will load and you have to follow the same process to solve more captchas.
In case if you feel that the text given in the image is unclear or unreadable, you can click don’t know button. Make sure you do not click don’t know button often. In such cases they will warn you about misuse. Frequent misuse will result in account termination. 

Megatypers unreadable captcha
Some times the image might have a word that is partially visible and another word that is completely visible, in this case you must enter the word that is visible instead of clicking don’t know button.

Megatypers partial image
You can stop working or pause anytime using submit and pause button. Your browser will redirect to the home page where you can start the work any time.

Megatypers Submit and pause
Average earnings on Megatypers:
The earnings on megatypers varies based on the typing speed of the member and it is a known fact that a member with good typing skill can earn more than a member without typing skills by solving more captchas. A typist can solve more than 1000 captchas per hour, where he/she can earn up to $1.50 per hour or even more based on their typing skills. So the speed of the typist will be one captcha per 2 – 3 seconds. In case of regular typers, they can solve a captcha in between 5 to 10 seconds spontaneously but their earnings will decrease into half the amount that a typist can earn. Megatypers allows a member to take up to 15 seconds to solve a captcha where even a slow typer can solve a capthca within 15 seconds. But, the earnings will be affected by less typing skills because it directly affects the number of captcha that has been solved at the end.
The another major factor that determines the earnings is the working time period. As discussed earlier megatypers will pay higher in certain time period i.e. 14 – 18 server time, the peak hours. In the remaining period the pay will be less compared to the peak hours (server time) due to less bidding. You can refer the table given below to learn more about the pay rate. This table is just an example and you can find this table in statistics section of megatypers.

Megatpers payout rates
Important terms of Megatypers:
Anyone with a PC or similar device, along with internet connection can join and work on megatypers to earn money. You can work from anywhere like home, office, school, college, public places etc. But there is a restriction, where two or more people should not work from a device with same IP address. This is an important term mentioned by megatypers to prevent spammers misusing their affiliate program which is discussed later. If you work for megatypers in a computer and your family members/friends uses the same internet connection to work on Laptop it will be considered as violation and the respected accounts will be terminated without any notification.
The second important term is accuracy. Typing the letters given on the image is not a tough job. Still plenty of members make too many mistakes and few type rubbish like “afbdybfsblkmkdfln” instead of entering right captcha. The penalty will be from warning to ban.

Improper working megatypers in
The third term that should be taken into consideration is time limitation taken for solving a captcha. To work on megatypers you must be able to solve/type a captcha within 15 second. If the submit button is not clicked within 15 seconds you will be kicked out of the working area. Multiple kick outs will result in ban. So, make sure you follow all these terms in order to prevent warning from megatypers.

Megatypers rewards hard workers with extra bonus called typer points. For every 500 images solved correctly, megatypers pays 1 typerpoint. One typer point is equal to one cent. Though the bonus is not very high, this should boost your income on long term basis.

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Make use of smart captchas:

The newly introduced smart captcha (Google reCaptcha  – 2) increased the security of many websites by blocking bad bots and crawlers from accessing their database. Megatypers pays 2 times more for solving smart captchas compared to  the regular captchas where we convert image to text format. In case of smart captchas we’l be asked to select multiple pictures with given features. To enable smart captchas go to profile and payments and click enable as shown in the picture given below.

Enabling smartcaptcha on megatypers
An example has been given below

Solving these types captchas are very easier compared to regular captchas. So you can earn more in less time.
Payment methods:
Megatypers payment
Megatypers is very reliable captcha site as they pay their members on time without any request as per scheduled terms. Megatypers will send payment through most used payment processors like Paypal, Payza, Web money. They also send money order through western union money transfer.
The minimum payout for Paypal, payza, webmoney is $3 and the minimum payout for western union money transfer is $100. You can change the payment method any time on profile & payment page. Payments are processed every Monday 17:00 / 5:00 pm server time automatically if the minimum balance is reached. If not the payment will be made by next scheduled date provided your account has minimum withdrawal balance.
Recently megatypers has introduced bitcoin payment. If you select bitcoin as your payment method, megatypers will prcocess your payment when the account balance reaches just $1.50.

Affiliate program:

Megatypers affiliate program will help you to earn more money by referring your friends. They pay 10% affiliate commission from referral earnings. Their terms makes it unreliable for beginners to make use of their affiliate program. They’ve added this to affiliate program terms to prevent spammers misuse of their affiliate program. To receive affiliate commission 5 of your referrals must have got their first payment.

Things to remember:
  • Create a Paypal or payza or webmoney account before registration, if you’re going to choose anyone these payment methods.
  • Work on peak hours (mostly on US daylight time) to earn more money by solving less captchas.
  • Initially you might struggle for solving captchas, but after 2 – 3 days you will begin to solve captchas at high speed so don’t quit on day one.
  • Do not create multiple account using same IP address. It is considered as violation according to their terms and conditions.
  • Enable smart captchas on your profile to receive smart captchas.
Registration procedure:
Megatypers registration procedure
Registration procedure is very simple on Megatypers. The registration form will look exactly the same or similar to the picture given above. Enter the basic details like name, email address etc. Make sure you enter the same name that you used in your Payment processor. Now enter the Payment processor email address.
Entering invitation code is mandatory. Use this invitation code – BUTR.

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Agree their terms and click “Register button” to complete registration. After registration you can immediately start the work. 

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