10 Mobile apps to earn money from smartphones using mobile internet

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The mobile phones are the widely used digital device to connect with others. Apart from connecting mobile phones are now used for many useful purposes like paying bills, analytics, browsing etc. which has been previously done using PC. A lot of apps have been developed to ease the job without going to the websites. Previously, doing online jobs using the mobile phone was impossible due to its size. But now a lot of smartphone apps are developed to earn money from mobile without investment. This article will explain how to earn money without investment through mobile phones and list the best mobile apps to earn money online. Most of the apps are available for the Android, iPhone users and few apps are available for the Windowsphone users.


Earn money from mobile without investment:

Making money online using the mobile phone is still in development process due to the size and the features on the mobile phone. For example, online typing jobs using the mobile phone will be a complex one compared to doing typing jobs using PC. So, although smartphones are developing at a rapid speed, online jobs on mobile phones is still in beta. While few online jobs cannot be done using the mobile phone there are a lot of ways to earn money from the mobile phone without investment which includes paid surveys, micro tasks, offers, paid to watch videos, paid to click etc. These tasks can be easily done using the touch mobile phone.

Advantages of using the mobile phone to earn money online:

  • Mobile phones are easier to handle. While educated people and few uneducated people know to operate a PC, almost everyone knows how to use mobile phones. So, making money online is possible for everyone.
  • One can make money using the mobile phones even while traveling. Also, students can earn pocket money using the mobile phone when they are at schools and colleges.
  • Since most of them use the mobile internet, mobile online jobs can be done anytime without obstacle.
  • Nowadays the research companies started to pay the mobile users just for installing their research app on the mobile phone. They pay money every 30 days just for keeping the mobile app installed on the phone without even opening it. These research companies collect the mobile internet usage and other data to improve their services.
  • There are a lot of mobile apps that helps to save money while shopping online & offline. Also, you will be notified using the notification feature in mobile phone whenever there is a new opportunity.

Apps and mobile sites to earn money online:

These are some of the best mobile apps to earn money online using smartphones for free. Each mobile app has many opportunities to make money using the mobile phone. The best smartphones to earn money are the Android mobile phones and iPhone. Windows phone users have less opportunities earn money using their smartphones.

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1. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks to make money using mobile internet


  • The Swagbucks is the best app to earn money and save money using the mobile phone. Swagbucks can also be accessed using the computers, Laptop, and Mac.
  • The Swagbucks website and the app are used by millions of smartphone users to earn money from the mobile phone.
  • The Swagbucks pay for doing paid surveys, watching videos, reading online content, participating in the quiz, searching the internet, shopping, signing up for trials, installing featured apps etc.
  • Swagbucks users earn more than $5 – $10 per day by completing the activities on the Swagbucks paid mobile app. Also, the users will be paid extra bonus daily on completing the to-do list.
  • The Swagbucks also have the referral program by using it the Swagbucks users can earn by referring their friends and the Social media users to Swagbucks. The more referral you can make the more you can earn without doing anything.
  • Swagbucks allows the users to redeem the points for gift cards, PayPal cash, Facebook gift cards, Google play gift cards, Amazon gift cards etc
  • Swagbucks is now online on some of these countries which include USA, UK, France, India, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany etc. and will be live all around the world. Here is the link to access Swagbucks.
2. Global test market:
Global test market mobile app to earn money
  • The Global test market is a top most online research company that pay its users for participating in the surveys and research studies.
  • Global test market surveys are very interesting, easy and available for users all around the world. Most of the surveys are conducted about the lifestyle, smartphones, electronics, travel, airlines etc.
  • Almost 75% surveys are smartphone compatible. So, users can take part in surveys using their mobile site or mobile app. Mobile surveys are designed specially for the mobile users.
  • Global test market cash can be withdrawn using various options such as PayPal, Check, bank transfer or the cash can be redeemed for Amazon.com, Walmart, and gift cards of other major companies.
  • The Global test market referral program is available for the users from the selected countries where the members can earn by referring their friends and family members.
  • The Global test market app is available for the Android users and iPhone/IOS users. To start making money by taking surveys join Global test market.



3. Inbox dollars:

InboxDollars make money using mobile internet
  • The InboxDollars is one of the oldest online rewarding programs in the USA. Inboxdollars is specially designed for the US residents to make money by completing simple tasks.
  • The Inbox dollars pay for reading paid emails, completing surveys, playing games, searching, referring friends etc.
  • The InboxDollar mobile app is very user friendly with simple navigation makes users to log in every day to find the money making opportunities.
  • The InboxDollars is the one among the few mobile site that pays money just for opening and reading the email.
  • The members can log into their account on PC to find additional ways to make money. The InboxDollars members should be active once every six months to prevent account suspension.
  • The InboxDollars is the rewarding program for the US members. However, anyone can join the site but there will be very less to opportunities will available. Members can withdraw their money only using Check on InboxDollars.

4. iBotta:

Earn money using mobile on ibotta
  • The iBotta is a cashback app through which you can find the cashback offers. This is the best app to save money while purchasing the grocery products.
  • iBotta is the app exclusively for US residents and work only on US shops, supermarkets, and other places.
  • When you download and install the iBotta mobile app to earn money, it will list the nearby shops and markets. You must purchase the products on those shops and scan the copy of the bill and upload it on the iBotta app.
  • The iBotta app will credit the cashback in your account which can be withdrawn later. The payments are processed through the PayPal or money can be redeemed for gift cards.
  • The iBotta app will be very useful for the housewives to earn money for scanning the bill copy of the products purchased on shops and supermarkets like Walmart, Best buy, Target etc. Most used grocery products such as milk, sweets, bread, vegetables, electronics, meat, egg etc.



5. MobileXpression:

Earn money on mobile without doing anything on mobile expression
  • The MobileXpression is an interesting mobile app that pays you doing nothing. This mobile app pays money just for installing the app on the mobile phone without doing anything.
  • The MobileXpression is a research app specially made to learn the usage of mobile internet. The research is done to improve the networks and other features related to the mobile networks.
  • To earn money through mobile expression app, you must install the app and keep it idle for at least for over 30 days. At end of each cycle, you will be paid real money or gift card worth $5 – $10.
  • MobileXpression respects the privacy of the members and will collect only the information about the usage of the mobile internet. Similarly, there are few apps like MobileXpressions are available to make money just by installing them.

6. Field Agent:

Field agent make money online using mobile phone
  • The Field Agent is a unique app that specially works to collect the consumer data to help the companies to improve their products based on the consumer wish.
  • The Field Agent app users can earn from $3 to $12 per task completed. When a job is available in your area, you will be notified to start. You must reach the destination and take the photo of the product and answer few questions about the product to earn money.
  • Field Agent does not require you to buy the products like you do on iBotta. The Field Agent is not a cashback app, it is an offline research app. The Field Agent app is available for users from selected countries like USA, UK.

7. Free bitcoin:

Free bitcoin earn bitcoin mobile app
  • The Freebitcoin is the best bitcoin earning site. Freebitcoin mobile app is used by the smartphone users to earn bitcoin using the mobile phone.
  • The bitcoins can be used to do online shopping or can be converted into USD or other currencies.
  • Free bitcoin pay bitcoins just for visiting their app once every hour. The Freebitcoin app user must enter the app and solve the captcha to earn free bitcoins using the mobile phone.
  • The free bitcoin users can also earn bitcoins by referring friends to the Freebitcoin mobile site of their desktop site. Earn bitcoins on the mobile phone on Freebitcoin.

8. 2Captcha:

  • The 2Captcha is an online captcha entry site that pays money for typing captchas. 2Captcha allows the mobile users to earn money by typing on mobile phones. 2Captcha is the best and only site to provide online typing jobs on the mobile phone.
  • The captcha entry job is available for users all around the world who can connect their mobile phone using mobile internet or wifi.
  • The 2Captcha pay 30 cents to a dollar and twenty for solving one thousand captchas. The captcha entry jobs are easy and you can learn more about it here – Captcha entry jobs.
These are the mobile apps and mobile sites that can be used to earn money using mobile internet from home. More mobile online job apps will be added to this list in future.
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