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Mobile PTC sites are developed in order to help the paid to click users to view PTC ads using the mobile phone. Previously, the PTC sites do not allow the members to watch ads on the mobile phone. When a member tries to access the ads page using the mobile phone, the page will not be displayed. Nowadays the advertisers are giving importance to the mobile pages because the mobile internet users have increased like never before. To generate potential leads & sales and to keep up with webmaster guidelines the advertisers have updated their websites to make their website viewable using the mobile phones. So, nowadays watching PTC ads using mobile phone has become easier. Here I will tell you how to use mobile PTC sites to earn money by clicking ads and list the best mobile PTC sites.


Mobile PTC sites

About Mobile PTC sites:
Actually, most of the advertisers advertise the products and services on PTC sites related to making money online. Most of the online jobs can be done only using PC or Laptop. So, the advertisers do not prefer the mobile traffic as there will be no to very fewer conversions and most of that will be the untargeted group who opt-out as soon as they sign up. In the case of sale base ads, there will be no problem if the members generate the sale no matter they use the services or not.
Nowadays the companies have started to create mobile apps to earn money online. But there is a limitation in doing other jobs on the smartphones. For example, doing the typing jobs using the mobile will be very tough and production will be affected highly.

Now in the case of PTC, viewing the ads using the smartphones will be easy as there is no technical process involved in viewing the ads. Like you do it on the PC, the ads can even be viewed using the mobile phone without any problem. The PTC sites now started to develop the mobile version to increase their user base. Few PTC sites are full mobile compatible and few are display the desktop version where we can still use it on the mobile phone to view ads.

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List of mobile PTC sites to earn money by viewing ads using the smartphone:
1. Ojooo wad:
The Ojooo wad is the best when it comes to PTC sites as more ads will be available for the members. The members can earn more money as an individual worker and also by referring friends they can earn more. The Ojooo wad has come up with a new update where the members are given opportunities to earn money from new ways other than the paid to click ads and the offers. The Ojooo app has been developed to connect friends and make money at the same time. Previously watching the PTC ads using the mobile phone was a little bit hard. But, now it has become easier after the latest update. The Ojooo wad mobile PTC version screenshot is given below.
Ojooo Mobile PTC site
To start watching ads, you must click the menu. There will be a lot of options listed on the menu as shown below. The paid to click section and the offer sections are to earn money. To start earning money by watching PTC ads on the mobile phone, click paid to click ads.
Mobile PTC site
Now the ads available for the members to view will appear as shown in the image given below.
Ojooo Mobile PTC site
Click the ad to start. Once the ad is clicked, you will be redirected to a new page where the website will be displayed. View the website till the timer ends.
Ojooo Mobile PTC site
Depending on the reward, the ad will have different view time. The high paying ads should be viewed for more time. The ad given above should be watched for over 30 seconds for which they pay $0.005 to $0.01 depending on the membership type.
Ojooo Mobile PTC site
Once the time ends, you will be asked to solve the captcha to prove that you’re not using bots.
Ojooo Mobile PTC site
After solving the captcha, the money will be credited to the account. There are several other ways available on the Ojooo wad to earn money like paid surveys, offers, reading emails, affiliate purchase, Ojooo grid etc.
Ojooo Mobile PTC site
The amount can be withdrawn once you accumulate $2 in your account. The Ojooo wad pays money through PayPal, Payza, and Okpay.

Click here to joinOjooo wad.

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2. Clixsense:
The Clixsense is the best PTC sites of all with several features other than paid to click. Speaking about Clixsense mobile, the Clixsense did not optimize their site for the mobile users. But they are planning to release Clixsense mobile app in the future. Though the Clixsense is not fully compatible to work on mobile, the members can work on the Clixsense using the mobile phone. Previously, the paid to click page was disabled for the mobile users. But, now it is enabled on all the devices.
Clixsense mobile PTC sites ads
When you join the Clixsense, the paid to click ads page will look like the screenshot given above. But, the page is not optimized for mobile and do not fit the viewport. However, the page can be zoomed to view the PTC ads using the mobile phone.
Clixsense mobile PTC sites ads
When the Clixsense PTC ad is clicked using the mobile phone, the ad will open in the new page as shown above. Clixck the relevant image to start.
Clixsense mobile PTC sites ads
We must wait until the timer ends. Once the timer ends the amount will be credited to the account. Other than the PTC ads, the Clixsense is is well known for the paid surveys.
Clixsense mobile PTC sites surveys
The Clixsense is the place where the paid surveys of almost a lot of survey panels can be found on the same place. The members used to earn more money by completing paid surveys on the Clixsense compared to any paid to click. Unlike the PTC ads, the paid survey on Clixsense is fully mobile phone compatible so you can take the surveys using the mobile phone without any problem.
There are also a lot of offers like app downloads, paid videos, paid games can be found on the Clixsense. These offers can be completed on the mobile phone without any issue.
Mobile PTC sites payment
The Clixsense pay their members through Payoneer, Payza, Paytoo, Bitcoin and few other methods. You can withdraw money once you have a minimum balance of $8.
Click here to joinClixsense.

These are the best paying mobile PTC sites on the internet. This list will be updated with new PTC sites if it is found to be fully compatible with the Mobile phone including Android, iPhone and Windowsphone.

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