Online jobs for college students to earn money on part time without investment

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Earning money online has now become easier than before with super fast internet connectivity available almost all over the world. Since most of them are connected to the internet, now companies are in search of freelancers who are super fast and cheaper compared to dealing with core companies. As a student, you can make use of this opportunity to earn money online. There are different online jobs available on the internet, this article lists few of the best part-time work that can be done by school and college students without affecting their career. To do these online jobs no registration fees or investment are required. While few require technical skills and language skills, other jobs are simple which is suitable for students of all categories.

Online jobs for students

1. Become an online freelancer:
As said in the introduction, freelancing has become one of the easiest ways to make money in spare time. To become a freelancer all you need is punctuality, quality, and professionalism. Nobody wants their work done by time pass freelancers. From an individual client to large company everyone will look top quality worker and they will not feel bad to spend a bit more for the quality.
While it is hard to find freelance jobs in local companies, tons of clients are waiting to hire you online. These clients can be found on the freelance marketplaces. The freelance marketplace is where clients and freelancers meet. Clients will post their jobs and freelancers can submit their proposal for the interesting jobs. Potential freelancers will be hired.
As a freelancer, you must join the best freelance sites such as Upwork. After joining a freelance site for example Upwork, you will be forced to complete your profile by blocking access to essential links. Try to attach a casual photograph of yours and complete the profile 100%. A client will take a look at the freelancer’s profile before hiring him. So, take care of your profile. After completing the profile, you will be allowed to access the job area and other essential links. Take a look at the list of relevant jobs and submit your proposal if you feel qualified. Clients will verify the rates, profile and will hire the best one among many.
2. Become an online seller:
Selling products and services online are more fun compared to freelancing, it is almost similar to freelancing and can be called on the freelance job. While you wait for a client to hire you on sites like Upwork, in this method the same products and services can be sold to the clients of the same category at your own price. Sites like Fiverr allows us to sell digital products and service on their platform. If you wish to become an online seller, you must be very confident about your knowledge in services which you are going to sell. Logo designing, image & video editing, animation, search engine optimization, marketing, web development, error fixing are few trending categories on Fiverr.
To sell services on Fiverr, you must create a gig which is similar to a social media profile but something more. Upload a picture of yours and add a cover photo that should explain your gig, an explainer video would be even better. Give a detailed description about your gig below the cover picture. Then after you can set the rates of your service(s). The basic minimum rate should be $5 and based on the complexity of the service(s) you can fix slab rate depending on the extra work.
There will be tons of sellers like you on Fiverr who compete to provide quality their services, so it might take some time for your gig to get to the top on search results. This can be achieved easily by getting level 2 seller badge or top rated seller badge. Delivering each order on time and getting a 5-star review from each buyer is the only way to increase rating which could take several months. The money will flow into your account if you’re really serious about this.
3. Become a paid survey participant:
While selling services and freelancing requires exceptional skills, paid survey is one of the best alternatives to them which is simple, easier compared to other money making techniques. Surveys are conducted for various reasons and the main aim is to bring out the thoughts from the participants. For participating in online surveys conducted by survey panels on behalf of companies & research institutions you will be paid for giving your opinion.
Usually, the pay per survey will be somewhere between $0.50 to $1.30 in most cases. The rates of few paid surveys can rise up to $5 which will be for targeted professionals. Other factors that decide the survey rates are the survey taker’s gender, demographics, and the survey category. For example, if an Asian resident gets $1 for participating in a survey, the US resident will be paid $2 for the same survey.
Paid surveys are conducted in various categories such as Finance, entertainment, travel, smartphones, electronics, travel, IT, business, food, advertisements and sometimes the survey will be  about a single product. The data collected will be used to improve the products and services.
Paid surveys are not the better option if you’re looking to make more money. You can earn somewhere from $1 to max per day. The only way to earn more money from paid surveys is by becoming a member of more survey panels. Because the survey opportunities are always limited to a member, becoming a member in more panels can help to receive more survey invitations. By being a loyal member of a survey panel you can become a premium member where invitations will be prioritized upon limitation. If you’re interested in taking surveys, here is the link for you top 10 best survey sites.
4. Become a blogger:
Blogging is a passion for many students and undergraduates. Blogging is one of the few safest ways to generate passive income online. Only who have a real interest in blogging can succeed in the industry. Blogging is one of the most competitive businesses in the world. Millions of top bloggers compete each day to grow and withstand in the current position. As the result of hard work, they make few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per month.
To become a blogger, you must choose a topic you’re interested in writing about. Then choose the best hosting to host the blog like inmotion hosting. Start writing unique valuable articles on your blog and monetize the traffic. Your blog will start to generate passive income after few months and it can continue to do so for years unless you make any mistake.
5. Become an online photograph seller:
Photography is one of the most loved professions for students. Selling photographs online will be fun compared to any other jobs listed here. There is more demand for photographs related to work, office, computers, smartphone usage, teens etc. Use a high-quality professional camera, professional people to pose and the perfect spot / interior. Photos of low quality will be instantly rejected by the photo seller sites during verification.
Once your photos are accepted you will get a major part of money whenever someone downloads your paid photograph. Few sites will pay revenue share based on the user action on the web page where you photograph is displayed. Start your photography career to sell photographs on best sites like iStock, Shutterstock.
6. Become a Youtuber:
Youtube is the free video sharing platform where anyone can share their videos. Do you know Youtube is one of the best places to make money from the videos posted? Yes, Youtube partner program pay 55% revenue generated by the videos to their partners. Anyone above 18 years is eligible to participate in Youtube partner program. Underage people can receive money with help of their parent’s bank account.
This is how Youtube partner program work. When we post interesting video(s) people will start watching your videos and might subscribe to the channel. The videos can be monetized by participating in Youtube partner program. To do so the Youtube must get approved by Google Adsense team. The account approved will be a hosted Google Adsense account, which means it can be used only on Google partner sites such as Youtube and blogger. Youtube monetization can be enabled on video settings.
When your video(s) generate views, viewers might interact with the ads appear on the video. Youtube will pay you 55% revenue generated by your video(s). Earnings will be accumulated on the Google Adsense account. When the earnings reach a minimum threshold of $100, payment will be processed through anyone of these methods EFT payment, Wire transfer, Check, WU money transfer and more depending on the country you reside.
7. Become an affiliate marketer:  
Affiliate marketing is an advanced way to make money online. Affiliate marketers will be paid when they help a company to generate a qualified lead or sale. To become a successful affiliate marketer, you must work really hard to build an online brand. You can make use of the blog, social media, discussion forum, answer sites to do affiliate marketing. While sale marketing can be done through all these sources, lead marketing will be open only for pro bloggers. Lead marketing is easier and will generate more income compared to sale marketing all you have to do is build your online reputation to get a chance to promote such companies.
8. Become an online translator or transcriptionist:  
Get paid to translate documents and voice of a language to another language. If you’re a student will multi-language skills, online translation job will help you to earn some money on spare time. Most of the translation company will pay a cent to four cents for translating a word. If you like to choose this profession you must undergo several tests before getting a translation job. This is done to ensure the quality of their services.
Transcription is the process of converting voice into the written format. There are two types of transcription, real-time transcription is the process where the transcriptionist will transcript as someone speak/lecture. Offline transcription is the process of converting a pre-recorded files. Transcription job is one of the highest paying online jobs. Companies pay several thousands dollars to the qualified transcriptionist who have extraordinary language skills. Start to earn money by doing online translation jobs.
More ways for students to make money online:
9. Get paid to complete tasks:
GPT sites otherwise called as the get paid to sites are the online rewarding program that pays its users for doing simple tasks such as viewing ads, watching videos, completing offers, downloading apps, playing games, reading emails, voting polls, answering queries etc. Earning money on GPT sites is very simple that anyone can do it. The cons of GPT sites are members from tier – 1 countries get high earning opportunities. GPT sites can be used to make some pocket money as an individual member. By making use of its affiliate program, one can make a huge amount of money from the activities of referrals. Here are some best GPT sites listed.
10. Online typing jobs:
There are two types of online typing jobs, the first one is simple which is done by typing data in a page from the given source. The second one is content writing job, where the content writers will be paid for writing articles, stories for blogs and magazines. The second method is the best and will give you an exposure to the world. Online typing jobs can be found on freelance sites. If you’re looking for more information about this, read the article online typing jobs.
These are the best online jobs available for students. Make a correct decision by choosing the jobs that can generate long-term income. If you’re looking to make pocket money go with GPT sites, paid survey to make money by completing surveys & simple tasks.

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