Best home based online jobs for housewives to earn money without investment

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I’m a work from home housewife and I know it is very tough to run a family now-a-days without double income. While monthly budget increases rapidly, the family finance stays the same for most of us. If you’re a housewife struggling to handle your family due to low income or want to improve your current lifestyle, you’re at the right place to find work from home jobs to support your family.


Home based online jobs for housewives without investment

Few things to remember while finding work from home jobs:

  • Do not believe in quick get rich schemes. Anything that promises to make you rich in short time will be scam.
  • If you’re gonna start your own online business there may be some investments necessary. But if you’ve choose to work on other sites be careful about sites that ask for any registration fees. Almost 90% of legitimate sites will hire workers for free of cost.

Online and offline jobs for housewives:

This article contains three sections based on difficulty, term of income and the investment required. There are lot of easy job opportunities, part time jobs sites are listed below for illiterates & uneducated housewives and also work from home opportunities, online business opportunities are listed for educated housewives.

Online jobs for housewives with investment:

1. Start an online business (Passive income):

As a work from home housewife, staring your own online business is the best way to generate passive income. Speaking about passive income, online business will make money even while you sleep i.e. no active monitoring required. Starting a personal blog and monetizing it, is the simplest online business to make money online which requires no technical skills and little initial investment.
To start a blog and become a blogger you must have amazing writing skills and good knowledge. And to earn money through it, patience is the first requirement. If you’ve all these in abundance, chances are very high to make passive income.
A blog is an information source through which the blogger helps the visitors to gain knowledge. At the same time if the blog is monetized, it can generate revenue as long as there is good amount of quality traffic.
If you’ve decided to start a blog, the first thing you’ve to do is research yourself to find the topic you’re interested in writing. Make sure you have some knowledge in topic.
Now purchase a domain name and hosting. Godaddy is the best place to buy cheap hosting and domain name. The domain name should be a brand name and should be relevant to the topic you’ve chosen. For example is about online jobs and the name Jobzal is relevant to the topic.
After purchasing setup your blog using 1-click setup now available on almost all the hosting companies. Start writing articles and publish them daily for 2 – 3 months. Then after you can change the frequency as 2 / week. Learn how to bring traffic to your blog. Once there is enough traffic, monetize your blog to generate non stop revenue without you working all the time. A blog is capable to generate several times more revenue compared to regular job.

Online jobs without investment – For educated ladies:

2. Online tutoring:

It’s a know fact that running tuition at home is the main source of income for few work from home educated housewives. Local part time teaching can be more stressful, make time resource limited and generate very less income for the effort given. Online tutoring jobs are very reliable through which housewives can earn plenty in minimal amount of time. Online tutor sites pays from $5 to $300 / hour based on the qualification. There is no necessity for you to stay online always. You should be online for an hour or few based on client’s requirement. These are some good online tutoring sites -.

3. Freelance jobs:

Freelance jobs are great online money making source for individuals and excellent online business for companies. Unlike blogging, freelance job requires active participation and some good skills in area of interest. As an house wife you can schedule work time in such a way that it does not affect daily life. To find a freelance job, you have to find a best freelance marketplace, create profile, attach portfolio. After doing these you must apply for the freelance jobs listed there to get hired by the clients. There are several clients available on freelance marketplace who are ready to pay huge money on hourly basis to reliable workers.

4. Translation work:

If you’re a good translator, you can work part time as a freelance translator to earn money by translating languages. There are lot of translation work available on online translation websites, where you have to prove that you’re fit to translate by taking some tests. After that you will be allowed to translate documents or something the clients posts. For translating each word you will be paid from a cent to few based on the quality and language translated.

5. Transcription work:

Transcription work is similar to translation, where the voice has to be converted into written form. This work requires exceptional hearing & writing skills in case of live online transcription and sometimes technical language skills are required for technical transcription work such as medical transcription, Legal transcription etc. Unless you’re confident, do not waste your time by applying for these jobs.
Online jobs without investment and registration fees for illiterate / uneducated housewives and for educated housewives who are looking for easier way to earn money online:

6. Paid to click work:

Paid to click work is the easiest online job which is otherwise called as ad clicking job. Anyone with a PC with unique internet connection can register on PTC sites for free of cost and earn money by viewing the ads given there. The main way to earn money through PTC sites is through referral program. Without referral one can earn a dollar or two per day by working on atleast 10 PTC sites. But, people who are capable to refer members can earn from $10 to few hundred dollars per day. As a stay at home housewife, you can make use of this opportunity to earn few hundred dollars every month by doing simplest work, viewing ads. It might take few months to achieve goal on PTC sites, so you must start to work on PTC sites in order to learn steps to earn money through it. Click here to find the top 10 paying PTC sites.

7. Captcha entry job:

Captcha entry which can be otherwise called as image to text conversion job is open for all internet users. By doing captcha entry job you can earn from $0.50 to $1.50 for solving 1000 captchas. To solve the captcha, we have to enter the alphabet & numbers that appears in image on the text box given under it. Captcha entry is a stressful work with less pay. You must be able to type 30 – 40 WPM in order to earn some money. If you’re interested in this typing job, then here is the guide for you – Captcha entry work.

8. Paid to read emails:

Paid to read email is similar to paid to click. You can use it to earn additional income along with paid to click. PTR sites will send paid emails to our mail box, we must read it and click the link given at the end inorder to get paid. PTR sites also have referral programs that pays up to few levels. US members will get more paid emails compared to members from other countries. Here are some top PTR sites.

Easiest online money making programs for housewives of all categories:

9. Paid surveys:

Survey is a research program conducted by survey panels to get views about products and services of various companies. To get paid, the survey taker must give her opinion about the products and services. A survey might take from 3 minutes to 30 minutes to complete and for taking each survey the survey panels will pay from $1 to $10 depending on the topic and duration. Unlike the online jobs mentioned above, survey job is very reliable and one can earn good amount by working on it. Use this guide to earn money by giving your opinion – Best survey sites to earn money.

10. Part time jobs:

Getting online part time job is really easier than ever. There are several part time jobs available for uneducated ladies to graduate. To get a part time job, you must join a part time job provider site. Update your profile and upload picture of yours, certificates if necessary. Then after browse the relevant jobs available in your area and click apply. The job provider will verify your profile and hire you if they feel that you’re fit for the job. Click here to join.

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These are the best legitimate online jobs that best suits for work from home house wives. As an house wife if you make use of them, especially blogging can generate passive income that could change your life completely by increasing overall family income several times more than current income. Like I’ve said on Introduction, I’m a work from home housewife and mom previously worked at Hewlett Packard (HP) doing online business by spending few hours everyday and I earn more compared to my salary.
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