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Taking paid survey is one of the best way to earn money online. Paid surveys are conducted to collect data from users about products of company and its services. Apart from these, studies are conducted about politics, electronics, daily lifestyle, entertainment, advertising, sports, cars & bikes, computers, smartphones etc. Paid surveys are conducted by the survey panels, where they pay real cash for giving our opinion.
Best survey sites | Online survey jobs

What is paid survey / online survey jobs?

A paid survey is a statistical survey conducted by paid survey sites / panels on behalf of  companies, where the participant will be rewarded for participating in research study. Once the participants completes a survey, the data will be collected to form useful information that will be helpful for them to improve existing and develop new products & services. In case of other types of surveys, such as clinical research, politics results will be used to discover something new, predict the future, advertise, understand usage and so on.
Few important points about paid survey:
  • Most of the survey panels credit points to the account upon survey completion. Those points can be redeemed to real cash or online shopping gift cards such as gift card.
  • Surveys can be taken using mobile phones because they are smartphone compatible.
  • Since the rise of smartphone era, developers work hard to make the survey engine responsive that it automatically fits in screen sizes of various digital devices.
  • To boost the income of the members, few survey panel pay referral incentives for referring new members to the their panel.
  • The pay per survey depends on two major factors i.e. length & nature of the study. Lengthy survey are known to pay more compared to shorter surveys.
Things to do after joining a survey site to increase income exponentially:
Once you register/sign up on a survey panel, never forget to activate your account by clicking the verification link or by using verification code that will be sent immediately to mailbox after registration.
When you log into your account for first time, you will be asked to complete profile survey. Complete them in order to receive invitation to participate in relevant surveys.
Joining more survey panels will ensure that you’l receive more survey invitations. With more opportunities you have high chances to earn reliable income through paid survey.
Best legitimate online paid survey sites that pays really high:
1. Yougov:
Yougov is one of the best survey panel in the world. Unlike other survey panels, yougov conducts surveys that are very interesting focusing on overall development of world. Since most of the yougov surveys are non technical, members enjoy taking the survey on yougov. Yougov surveys are known for its shorter length and higher pay. Yougov minimum payout is little bit high. Members can request payment only after accumulating $50 in their account. All payments are processed through western union money transfer within a month. Members can collect their earnings on western union money transfer corner available throughout the world within a month from the date of money order sent.
Click herejoin Yougov.
2. Swagbucks:
Swagbucks is one of the world’s largest get paid to site with large community of members. Swagbucks is the one among the few survey sites avails more earning tasks and offers such as crowdflower tasks, video offers, app offers, cashback offers, other than paid surveys. There are several survey routers and peanut lab surveys available on swagbucks that helps us to earn more money through it. Apart from these swagbucks pays 10% referral commission for referring friends. Minimum cash out is only $5. Swag points can be redeemed to cash or gift cards. Cash will be sent through PayPal and the gift cards will vary on each location. For example US members can redeem points to Walmart, etc. gift cards. Indian members can redeem points to Flipkart, Jabong etc. gift cards.
Click herejoin swagbucks.
3. Surveysavvy:
Surveysavvy is one of the popular US based survey panel. Survey savvy surveys pay high and at the same time chances are very less to receive survey invitation for members in locations other than USA and UK. Survey savvy is a special research company with passive earning features, where it rewards sixty dollars each month to the US and UK members who installs the savvy connect research software on their computer and smart phones. On overall view survey savvy is one of the best survey panel for US and UK members. Survey savvy has very less minimum payout, $1. If a member request payment, survey savvy will send money through pay check.
Click herejoin surveysavvy.
4. Paid view point panel:
Paid view point panel is an unique survey panel which has different set of rules compared to other survey panels. Paid view point panel calculates a member’s quality and experience through his trait score. Members with trait score higher than 9000 will be placed on top 10% of paid viewpoint member who can earn more money for each question answered than standard members. Paid viewpoint surveys are very interesting and short. One must work for paid view point panel for few month in order to start earning more money by increasing trait score. Paid view point panel will send payments only through PayPal after a request provided the minimum account balance should be $15.
5. Global test market:
Global test market boast that they are the world’s no : 1 survey panel and their brand has all the quality to do so. I’m a member of Global test market for several years and I received more survey invitations from global test market compared to any other paid survey panels. Global test market never fails to send invitation for studies that are more relevant. So, there are very less possibility to get screened out in the beginning due to irrelevancy. Global test market surveys are high paying, easier, interesting and medium sized which might not take more than 15 minutes to complete. Global test market credit points for completing surveys and the points can be redeemed to cash and gift rewards anytime. The minimum redemption is $10 for PayPal and for gift cards the minimum redemption points will vary for each country.
Click herejoin global test market.
6. Clixsense:
Clixsense itself is not a survey panel, but it is the world’s no : 1 get paid to site. It can be said that clixsense is the marketplace of paid surveys, where surveys of top paid survey panels are available in one place. One can find surveys anytime if he/she logs into their account and land the survey page. A member must complete the profile survey once he/she joins clixsense to get relevant surveys. The downside of clixsense is a survey completion success rate is very low compared to other surveys sites. So, most of the time members get frustrated about clixsense surveys. Other than survey invitation sent to mail and survey page, a member can make use of the survey routers to find surveys anytime. The advantage of working on clixsense is, there are several earning opportunities such as tasks, offers, ptc ads are available other than paid survey which can boost the members earnings that can help to cash out earnings faster.
Click herejoin clixsense.
7. Valued opinions:
Valued opinions is a legitimate survey site targets specific survey takers. Valued opinions pay per survey is really good compared to other survey sites. Most of the Valued opinion surveys will be long, boring and they mostly about IT, travel, cars, etc. Members should complete profile surveys in order to receive relevant survey invitations. The earned points can be redeemed to gift rewards in most countries and to cash only on selected countries. The minimum payout is $5.

Click herejoin valued opinions.

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