Legitimate online translation jobs to earn money by translating languages

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Translation jobs are very familiar high paying jobs and previously only qualified professionals were working as a translator on companies. Due to incredible development of the internet, such jobs are available for freelancers. Little to big voice translation and data translation jobs are posted every day on translation and freelance sites. Freelancers can make use of this opportunities to make a huge amount of money from home using the internet connected device(s).


Basic necessities to become and online translator:

  • While online translator jobs are easy to get compared to the offline translation job. Still, the job provider accepts only the translators with extraordinary skills.
  • The translator must be mastered in both the languages they choose to work on.
  • The worker must able to write & speak both the languages / multiple languages without grammatical mistakes.
  • In most cases, native speakers will be preferred by the clients compared to foreign translators.
  • Online translator sites will not allow the members to work on their site if they fail in the qualification tests. Frequent assessments might be conducted to ensure the quality of their services.
  • The worker must have an internet connected device in order to work. Sometimes the users will be asked to install software in their device(s).

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Procedures to become an online translator:

To become an online translator you must join one or more translator job provider sites. Just register on the site(s) using your valid email address and other simple requirements. Once registered, you will be asked to take few qualification tests before you can start working. Qualified applicants will be approved instantly after the test and they can start the work right away by joining the team.
In few sites, they will allot a specific job for to the worker and in most of the translator marketplaces, the translation jobs posted by the clients will be listed in their database. The worker should browse and select the translation jobs in order to apply. The language(s) in which the document has to be translated and other terms will be displayed on the job description. The worker must read the term and conditions carefully before applying for a job. Approved translators will be paid as said in order letter.


List of best online translation job sites that pay:

1. Gengo:

Gengo is one of the leaders among the online translation sites. Gengo is the place where thousands of clients post their jobs related to language translation and also it provides an opportunity to the best translators to earn money through their site by completing the jobs posted on the board.
When the new project / job is posted on their marketplace, the job will be verified and will be posted on the job board after verification along with other jobs to the qualified translators. Gengo will also send an email to the inbox if the translator has subscribed to the new job notification.
Gengo pays $0.03 to $0.08 for translating a word. Pro translators will be paid more compared to the basic translators. The Workers can request for payment any time on Gengo. They will charge a payment processing fees of $1.50 flat for processing the payment.

2. Translators base:

Translators base is one of the oldest translator sites started on 2002. A lot of translation jobs are posted every day on translators base. Apart from traditional translation, translators base offers a lot of other translation based services to their clients. As a translator, you can make use of translators base to make money by translating documents and other translation services. On the translators base translation jobs related to almost all major languages are posted. So, the translators can find a job for sure.
Translation projects are posted on the translators base on the regular basis. Unlike Gengo, the translators have chances to bid rates on translators base.


Translation jobs listed on translators base


3. Translators town:

Translators town is an ease to use UK based translation portal started on 2007. Translators town combine the translation and technology to provide high quality automated services to their clients. Translation job seekers can find a huge amount of high paying translation jobs posted on translators town to earn money by translating languages. Interested translators can join translators town and submit their bids for the projects posted over there. Best translators with low bidding will get a chance to work.
Translation jobs listed on translators town


How much does online translation job provider sites pay for translating languages:


Online translation jobs are very high paying best online jobs and a reliable one compared to other online jobs such as paid surveys, paid to click, captcha entry etc. You can make regular high income if you put some effort in finding translation jobs initially.
Most of the translator sites pay per word basis. Normally, translator sites pay $0.02 to $0.10 for translating a word. Pro / advanced translators can earn even more money for translating a word.


Hope now you would have understood how online translation job works. As said repeatedly, online translation jobs are high paying reliable online jobs like freelance jobs. You can depend on these jobs completely to make full-time income.

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