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Online typing jobs are one of the most searched data entry job on internet because this can be done by anyone with basic language skills & knowledge. Though this is considered as an easiest jobs, unlike paid to click & paid surveys, online typing jobs requires good concentration power and knowledge. People with basic language skills won’t get good paying typing jobs. Where as good skilled people can expect good pay for online typing data entry jobs from part time job providers and clients of freelance marketplace. There are huge volume of jobs found on internet which requires no registration fees. So, online typing job can be done without any investment.


Online typing jobs

What is online typing job?

The process of typing data on a platform from the given source is called as typing job or data entry job. There are two types of typing jobs available, of which doing typing jobs online for a client or a company is called as online typing jobs and the other one is offline typing jobs. Finding online part time typing jobs is very easier compared to offline typing jobs.

Advantages of online typing jobs:

  • Online typing jobs are very easier to find on internet.
  • Best job for people who are looking for a way to make money online.
  • Various typing jobs are available according to the skills.

Disadvantages of online typing jobs:

  • More scams on internet which enjoy cheating people.
  • Most of the workers will receive less pay for the work done due to heavy competition.
  • Reliable online typing jobs are available only for talented.
  • Stressful work.


Various online typing jobs on internet:

1. Captcha typing – Open entry:

Captcha entry is a simplest legitimate online typing job, where anyone with internet connected PC can join captcha entry site without investment and registration fees. There are no restrictions or test conducted in order to qualify to work on captcha entry sites. The data to be typed will be given on the image and it will not be longer than a word or two. The worker must enter the characters that appears upon the image on the given text box. For every 1000 images processed the captcha entry company will pay from $0.30 to $1.50 depending on time of work done. Look at the image given below to get an idea how captcha entry will be.
Captcha typing jobs
Though captcha entry is a simple typing job and almost all the users are accepted to work on those sites. Due to heavy rush flowing on those sites, the pay will be very less and can produce very little revenue for hard work. So, captcha typing site is very unreliable typing job providing source. It’s a great achievement if a member earns $1 per hour on captcha entry site. Captcha typing sites require less typing skills, like an user must be able to type a captcha within 15 seconds. Online captcha typing site pays good on US daylight time due to high bidding by the advertisers.

Click here to joinCaptcha typing job.

2. Online typing job on part time job provider sites – Not open to all:

Part time typing jobs


Unlike captcha typing job, part time online typing job found on part time job provider sites are very reliable. To get a part time typing job you must be a qualified professional, because the clients expect the workers to be best. The pay will be very high compared to most of the online typing jobs. The clients will pay you on hourly basis or daily basis based on preference. Mostly they expect native workers over foreign workers to prevent data loss and increase accuracy.

Click here to join – Part time job provider site.

3. Getting hired as a professional typist on freelance marketplace:

Online freelance marketplace is one of the best place to find typing jobs. Especially typing jobs like PDF to word, Jpeg to Microsoft word, Excel entry etc. are available in large volume which are posted newly everyday by clients. The clients of freelance marketplace can pay really high than we could imagine on pay per project basis or hourly basis.  Clients hire only skilled professionals to make their job perfect. For example : If the client hires someone for word typing job, the freelancer should know each and every menu options and settings even though they are not used in the working project. This is to ensure that the client gets 100% satisfied result from a professional.
Typing jobs for freelancers
That’s why freelance sites asks their members to complete their profile before searching for a work of any kind. The profile should contain each and every information about the worker. The profile photo will tell 50% about the worker. A client will judge a worker from their profile picture. So, try to upload a professional still casual picture of yours.
The second most important thing a client will look for is freelancer portfolio. You must attach / link portfolio of yours to make the chances of getting hired 200%. A profile with good portfolio will show that the freelancer is capable to do anything more than they expect. Portfolio will vary for each work. For example : Photograph freelancers can link their profile to various free portfolio sites available on internet. Remaining can attach their file on their profile.

Final words:

These are the different ways available on internet to find online typing jobs. Each way has its own pros and cons. For example, captcha typing is very easy and available to everyone but the pay is very less. On the other hand, typing jobs by freelancer hiring clients can pay really high but it is very tough to get hired by them. Online typing jobs listed here are very legitimate, trusted and genuine. Do not join sites that promise to make you rich in shorter time. Such sites can be easily found using their site’s nature like page full of colorful words, payment proofs, videos with person showing fake work and proofs.

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