How to open a beauty parlour at home

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Planning to start a beauty parlor? Congratulations!!! You have decided to become a BOSS. Know how to open a beauty parlor at home with low investment.

We are in a society where beauty plays a major role. Who else doesn’t love to do a makeover? So, that’s a great idea to open a beauty parlor.

Just make sure to take a proper training before proceeding.

how to open beauty parlor at home

How to open a beauty parlor at home with low investment:

Opening a beauty parlor at home is easier like opening a boutique at home

Here are a few points which should be done before you open a parlor.

1. Training: The very first thing you have to do is to take a proper training before starting up any work related to your own parlor. This will not cost much and you can finish your training within 10 to 30 days. Please keep in your mind that the customer will always look only for a professional beautician. You and I will also expect the same, so we should be very clear about being professional.

2. Parlour theme: To open a beauty parlor at home, the first thing you have to make a decision is the type of parlor you are planning to open. It may be a hair salon, bridal parlor, minimal service center (only basic service eg: threading, regular facial, etc.), spa center etc. Be clear about your goal and move ahead keeping it in mind. drive all your work only based on your parlor theme.

3. Investment plan: What is your investment plan? Are you planning to invest from your pocket or arranging loan? Whatever the plan is, just decide and work on it. Talk to your bank representative for a business loan. Make sure to get all bank formalities done in advance. Keep the investment amount ready when you start the work, this will help you prevent stress and will give you confidence.

4. know if there is a parlor requirement in your area: Knowing the end customer requirement is an excellent idea to sketch your plan. At this time, it would be more beneficial to add or delete any arrangement which satisfies the customer. Always keep in mind that “CUSTOMERS ARE OUR BOSS”. This thought will make you reach the highest goal.

5. Know about the Parlour availability in your area: Check for the parlors in your area. Know the quality and excellence of that shop. Based on the feedback you observe, fine-tune your parlor ideas before execution. You can also check the price range of all services in other shops before you decide the price for yours. This will help you to work on any conflict and you can adjust your ideas at this stage without any loss.

6. Why the customers are looking for change: Find the reason for why customers are looking for a new parlor availability in your area, which we discussed in point number 4. You have to concentrate on finding the exact customer requirement and what’s missing in the existing parlors? What exactly the customer expects? This is just a survey you take without anybody’s knowledge which will give you more number of ideas for the betterment of your store. Always have serious attention on these ideas to satisfy your customers.

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7. Location/Site: We are into a serious and major part of your business. I know most of us here would like to do this business at home to make a trial and based on the response you might shift your shop to a paid venue. This sounds really normal, as most of the beginners follow the same strategy and you don’t need to worry about this. All you need to do is, dedicate a separate room/extent at home. Make sure that, it is very important for your customers not to get any distractions during service. One of the main reason for your clients to visit the parlor is to have peace of mind and stress relief. So, it is very important that there should not be any disturbance at home. Just make it feel like a professional parlor. If they feel the home atmosphere, it will never create dignity for your shop. this might bring your customer numbers down. So concentrate more when you set your location.

If it is a proper shop, then you don’t need to worry about these arrangements. Just concentrate on point 3,4 and 5. This will be a great inspiration to set a perfect and professional parlor which will make your business successful.

8. Interior: Don’t panic. Interior doesn’t mean only furnishing, decorating, designing etc. I am here to talk about the presentation. Always make sure that the location you have chosen should have a clear and neat appearance or arrangement. You can plan it as simply as you can, but the presentation plays a major role. The start point and the end point should be very clear, this will create curiosity for customers. Be clear about everything you do, In case of a parlor, even the color you chose does matter.  The customer might have come for a different service but the presentation, setup and the pictures in your shop will make them take a chance more services in your shop. This will obviously be the major reason for your profit and success.

9. Brand: Just be sure that you use only branded products for all your services. Don’t think that you are a beginner or a home parlor or a new shop, so you can use anything that you get or you can use cheap products. You will never come up or you will never have a regular customer if you do this. Always be sure to use only branded products to get more genuine customers. Just create a proper value for your parlor from the initial stage.

10. Business plan: Hope you will have a clear picture now. And I am sure that you have collective points to execute, as we had a deep study on all the required points.

This is the right time to sketch your business plan. Keeping everything in mind which we discussed above, make a clear picture of what you going to do now; which includes supply, investment, location, interior, advertising etc.

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11. Organise:  Plan, arrangement, stock etc., everything should be ready. The only aim for us is to attract and satisfy customers at each and every move. So plan something special to pull customer towards you. You can include some basic offers, Gifts for kids(very simple gift like air balloons, stationaries etc.). But always be sure that the special gifts and offers do not affect your investment and profit, everything should be very basic, simple and attractive. Organize the whole thing before you announce.

12. Marketing: Advertisement plays the major role in the fashion world. Let everybody know that you exist in the market with excellent services. Distribute flyers in and around your area, place ads in newspapers, launch a banner in your area. When you start getting customers, collect their contact number and email id’s to keep them updated on any update in your parlor.

So finally we are ready with everything and these are the focus points you should follow to know how to open a beauty parlor at home with low investment.

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