How to open a play school with low investment

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Are you planning to open a play school? This is just a perfect idea to go with. As we all know that most of the women are working now and looking for the safest place to take care of their kids. Know how to open your own play school with low investment.

Make sure that your pre or playschool should be started in an ethical manner. It is important that opening a play school is not only for earning, you are entering into the educational field. So always be perfect in all the steps you go with. Opening a play school with low investment is very easy if you follow the below steps in a proper manner.

How to start a Playschool with low investment

1. The theme of a play school: When you take a decision that you are planning to open a play school, the first thing you have to do is decide the theme or category. Which means, what type of playschool it is going be? Preschool, play school, daycare etc. Be clear about what you are going to do, so that you can execute it well.

Open your own play school

2. Legal permission: It is very important to finish all the legal formalities when you start planning on your play school ideas. There are certain basic formalities should be met when you plan to open a playschool with low investment. There is no specific legislation needed, few processes to be fulfilled based on the private school act procedure such as registration, applying for license etc. It is very important to concentrate on infrastructure, safety necessity, teacher-student ratio, curriculum. Make sure that everything should be planned when you start the legal formalities.

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3. Name your school: Here comes a challenging part. We need to think more and fulfill all the kiddy expectations in your school name. At the same time, it should be not too silly to handle. Make sure that it should be simple, childish, cute and kiddish.

4. Investment: What is your investment plan? Are you planning to invest from your pocket or arranging loan? Whatever the plan is, just decide and work on it. Talk to your bank representative for a business loan. Make sure to get all bank formalities done in advance. Keep the investment amount ready when you start the work.

5. Curriculum: This plays a major role. Setting up the curriculum is very important. Please research more on this. First talk to the parents, this will give you an idea of what exactly the parents expect on learning side and the mindset of kids towards learning. Then talk to more than one preschool teachers, this will give you an idea about what are the challenges they face when it comes to books, they can also guide you better on the kid’s understanding and expectations. You do more research on books before finalizing. It should have a clear detail of the basics, colorful pictures, the letters and the pictures should be big enough etc. Make sure that you concentrate more on these points to build a prestigious curriculum.

6.Location: Ahhhh!!!! Here is the major part of our new business. As we are planning to open a play school with low investment but the location is a very important part for your school, it should be easy access for the public. As nobody would like their kid to travel long for a school. Make sure that there should not be any distractions or noise pollution in that area. Kids should really feel peaceful and happy. keep all these points in your mind while finalizing the location.

7. Interior/Atmosphere: Playschool should have a proper atmosphere, as we are going to handle the beginners who are coming out from their parents for the first time. So your play school should have a home-like feel. You should have all kind of toys for the kids to play. Concentrate more on the learning toys. eg: Block building, arranging the alphabets, numbers etc. Install encouraging pictures on the walls, colorful learning themes etc. There should be proper air circulation and enough lighting.

8. Know about the competition and requirement: Check for the playschool in the nearby area, so that you can work to do any betterment than others. Verify the fee details and the strategy they use to advertise their school. This will help you to work on any conflict in advance. And you can modify your plan at this stage without any loss. This point is not added for profit point of view. This is just to know the requirement and make further arrangements in our center too.

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7. Business plan: Hope you will have a clear picture now. And I am sure that you have collective points to execute, as we had a deep study on all the required points.

This is the right time to sketch your business plan. Keep everything in mind which we discussed above, make a clear picture of what you are going to do now, which includes investment, location, interior, advertising etc.

8. Recruitment: Playschool is another home for the kids. So, the staffs we recruit should be professional in handling kids. They should be very kind, sweet and matured enough. They should also be a bit strict while coming to learning. Be sure to recruit the only Montessori trained teacher, as they have got trained to handle kids in a professional manner.

Also, recruit non-teaching staffs who have to take care of other activities of the child. They should also be very kind towards kids. Should be very hygienic in handling kids.

Always check for the student teachers ratio. All the kids should be monitored and the number of students should match to the teacher’s ratio.

10. Organize: Plan, arrangement, stock ect., everything should be ready. Organize everything before you announce.

11.Marketing: Advertisement plays the major role. Let everybody know that you are in the education field with an excellent play school idea. Distribute flyers in and around your area, place ads in newspapers, launch a banner in your area.

Here you are ready for the launch of your own play school with low investment. All the very best for your success.

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