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Protypers is the sister site of Megatypers. They provide us a chance to earn money in a simple way just by doing captcha typing work. Anyone with basic English knowledge can join protypers to earn money by typing.


Protypers reviews:

Protypers are best for:

  • Jobless
  • Home aers/  home managers
  • Part time job finders
  • Students
  • People in between work
What is protypers:
Protypers is a specialist in data entry, where they pay for solving text based captchas and recognizing images in case of smart captchas. Their payment rates starts from $0.45 for each 1000 images typed and can go high up to $1.5 for each 1000 words typed. Each month protypers are paying between $100 to $250 typercredits for their top typers.
How to work with Protypers:
Registration is a simple process as shown below with simple information required (email, password, name, choosing payment type). Click here to register.
Protypers Registration procedure
If you are already an account holder of Megatypers, then you need not required to register here again. The same login detail can be used in protypers.
Once registered, login to the protypers as shown below, then click start woking.
Protypers login page
The image given below is an example for captcha entry. You have to type the letters given on the image and click enter or submit button.
Protypers captcha entry
Here is another example of a captcha which has two words, this comes when you enable the DUAL MODE option as shown in the below image.
Protypers dual mode captcha entry
Here is an example for smart captcha. Just read the instruction given above the image and select as per that.
Protypers smart captcha
Set of laws:
The most important thing we should have in our mind is timing (refer below image), protypers gives 15 seconds time to type a captcha or to identify the images in case of smart captchas, we should complete each entry within the provided time, else the timer would expire. If the timer expires repeatedly your account will be suspended. 
Protypers captcha timer
Typing accuracy:

We should also concentrate in typing. Accuracy is very important, upper case and lower case have to be checked if it is mentioned as case sensitive. If we repeat typing with mistakes then your account will be suspended.

Any text that does not match completely with the text given on the image is called GARBAGE(refer the image below). If the moderators finds invalid activities like this, your account will be permanently suspended.

Protypers garbage

Don’t know option:

Click “Don’t know” button only when it is necessary. Sometimes the images will take sometimes to load fully, do not press don’t know button till the image is loaded fully. Using don’t know option with no reason can lead to account blocking.

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Scammers software:

Do not use scammer’s software which says that they can load the image faster which is bogus. This will also lead to permanent account suspension.

Points to remember: 
Upgrade internet connection:
If the image does not load faster in your computer, try to upgade your internet connection and do not use any third party software.
Short cuts:
  • Press enter key insted of using submit button which might save your time
  • Use esc key as shortcut for “dont know” option
Two word image when the dual mode is not enabled: 
If you find two visible words as the below image, just leave a space between words.
Protypers two word captcha

 If one image is properly visible and the other is partially shown, enter the visible word only instead of clicking don’t know(refer he image below).
Protypers partially shown captcha
If you find symbol/punctuation in the captcha, do not type it. Enter only the letters (refer the image below)

Protypers captcha with puctuation

 If a single word image has space between each letters as shown in the below image, don’t consider it and type the letters without space. Only two letter words have space.
Protypers single word captcha with space
If you get the letters with various size, then type only the bigger letters in the image (as shown below)
Protypers captcha with small and bigger letters
Do not fail to read the notifications.. This might be about the changes in payment method and about new promotional activities.
Protypers notification/alert
Referrals is nothing but passing on your friends or others to know about and make them to join protypers under you.
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Affiliate program:

Affiliate program is getting paid for referral acivities. You can earn 10% affiliate commission from your referrals. But this is applicable only if 5 of your referrals have earned their first payment.

Payment methods:

Protypers is very prompt in paying their members. Below are their payment processors.
  1. Paypal
  2. Payza
  3. Perfect money 
  4. Webmoney
  5. Bitcoin
  6. Western union
To get paid via,
  • Paypal, Payza, Perfect money and Webmoney, your account should have minimum payout of at-least $3
  • For Bitcoin, should have minimum payout of $1.5
  • For Western, union should have minimum payout of $100.
Click here to register on Protypers.

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